Democratic deficit within the EU & how to solve it

(Footnotes were unable to be copied through) The democratic deficit in the European Union refers to the notion that the transfer of power from national Parliaments to the Council of Ministers in the EU has destroyed democratic legitimacy and left many voters feeling alienated. The Union was supposedly founded on the values of “human dignity, […]

The Gender Pay Gap and Trade Unions Question

Q) Assess the view that increased female membership of trade unions would be the most effective way to raise women’s earnings A) A trade union is a group of workers that negotiate agreements with employers on behalf of the member employees to work towards better real incomes, working conditions and other major issues. The trade […]

Reflections on EPQ

Firstly, I am delighted that I chose to do the EPQ project on Law. My initial aim when I started was simply to cover a topic (albeit one I had interest in after my work experience) which was directly related to the course I want to study at university thereby providing a link between my […]

What exactly do you think is involved in blaming someone?

The verb, ‘to blame’, is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as ‘to feel or declare that someone or something is responsible for a fault or wrong’. Therefore it would appear on the face of it that the concept of ‘blaming’ requires two conditions: a blameworthy action has occurred, and a belief or motive to accuse […]