“Allowing more immigration of refugees would be good for the refugees and the economies they enter” Discuss.

“Allowing more immigration of refugees would be good for the refugees and the economies they enter” Discuss. Immigration is the action of multiple citizens moving to a foreign country for a long period of time. Refugees are a type of immigrant that are forced to migrate/ desperately escape due to push factors, for example being […]

Public funding of arts

This is my first attempt at a response to an LNAT essay question, as part of my practise for the real one in October which I have to sit. I will be posting a few of these and would really appreciate any types of feedback, as I am desperate to improve my technique for the […]


Unfortunately, I was unable to import the footnotes for this document – these state sources and references so feel free to ask if you want access to these. My title was: Should the age of criminal responsibility in the UK be raised from 10 to 14? Introduction There are few scenarios which provoke visceral reaction […]

Short Review: The Great Gatsby

The easiest way to describe this American novel is a maze of undiscovered secrets, like Gatsby’s not-so-great past, his obsessive love for Daisy and the various affairs which form the subplots of this fantastic book. Gradually, this flawless persona of Gatsby, built up by nameless faces and jealous neighbours is reduced to a sad murder […]

Female characters in WH and GG

“Women characters are presented primarily as those who suffer and endure” Both ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘The Great Gatsby’ are fixated on suffering and the bad consequences of love. The former was part of the Gothic literature movement, as the writer, Emily Bronte, was heavily influenced by Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’. A common Gothic convention was actually damsels […]

The Scrutiny by Richard Lovelace – analysis

‘ Examine the view that Richard Lovelace presents the speaker in this poem as having a selfish attitude to love Cavalier poet, Lovelace, focuses on lust rather than love in this poem; forces the female into a passive position by creating a dramatic monologue structure. The male persona presents himself as arrogant and selfish as […]

Selfish Love in Wuthering Heights and The Great Gatsby

“Love is self-centred and ignores the needs, feelings and claims of others” With reference to “Wuthering Heights” and “The Great Gatsby” I believe there is evidence both for and against this statement in both novels, and this is closely determined by the eras they are set in – because the influence of the patriarchy and […]